About Us

MBMT is proudly organized and executed entirely by students from the Montgomery Blair High School Math Team.

Contest Organizers

Emmy Song


Ambrose Yang

Problem Writing

Shawn Zhao


Chris Tong


Timothy Qian

Problem Writing

Chad Yu

Test Composition

Jeremy Schwartz

Teacher Sponsor

Problem Writers

We're very thankful to our problem writers, without whom we wouldn't have a contest:


This website was developed by Noah Singer '18 (Github: @singerng) and Noah Kim '18 (Github: @noahbkim). It is currently maintained by Shawn Zhao '20 and Matthew Shu '20 (Github: @nonameentered). It's written in Django and hosted on our school servers. The source is on Github.


MBMT is sponsored by the Magnet Foundation, Art of Problem Solving, Expii, and Maplesoft.