The Montgomery Blair Math Tournament

Due to COVID-19, MBMT 6 will be held online this year.

MBMT 6 will be held an unconventional and original competition approach: From Saturday, June 13th to Wednesday, June 17th, your students will submit answers to a set of problems and compete live against other teams. Students will receive feedback on their answers and will have the opportunity to resubmit answers on subsequent days; a live leaderboard will display scores of top teams. You can find more information and ask questions on our AOPS forum thread, or email us directly at mbhs.mathteam@gmail.com.

Please register for MBMT 6 through this form ❯ by Friday, June 12th. After you register, more details about our competition, submission, grading, and scoring policies will be sent out to registered adult contacts as it gets closer to the competition window.

Solve problems.

MBMT is all about math. Whether you're just a beginner or a super Mathlete, you'll find interesting and challenging math awaiting you at MBMT. We're passionate about math, and we want to give you the best competition experience possible.

Work together.

Life is better in teams. The competition is divided into several rounds, during several of which you get to work together with up to four other students to collaborate to do math. You can help support each other and make each other better competitors, as well as winning glory for your school!

Learn math.

Math is everywhere! Mathematics is useful for describing all sorts of things in our world, as well as all sorts of things just in our brains. MBMT will help you master all sorts of math skills, both for the real world and for other math competitions.